Saturday, January 14, 2006

central Madness

11-23-2005 11:15 AM
it is, hence was the beginning, let there be light it was said, and hence it was. it was.
in all the forms unity is one, for i am afraid that i am wise and fey, for i see life within the forms,
i know the product for which you unknowingly strive, burn burden, agonise and fuss about.
i saw the fine thread of the weave of the world, and i know how it connects, and what it reflects.
for some to die so that the others may appreciate,
dignity, duty and honor, sporadic clouds feather white, tufts of green blades shine in a dreary dawn, such splendor such nothingness.
in all forms there is life to be seen, all the elements feed, all with the right to live, all with the seed of death buried within, all that was, without amiss.
for we all talk and we all interact, but truly what do we understand, it is only noises that give us pleasure, it is in the vain pursuit of what WE labeled "happiness", do we smash through the walls, that we have endeavored for eons to construct, we labor to be felt, to be heard, wishing that we are understood, but only stand under do we not!
for it is all surreal, in that we marvel at naked emotion.
I'm not a traditionalist my dear, i just know my way.
for all it's insignificance, it is in a way more than the immaculate wordplay
a way for sharing for daring, fortune to the path, the pathway to build to consume, and without it all will come crashing down, in all it's glory it's magnificence and sins, a bright star in agony,
in the making of it all, the rage the choice.
the heard and headed voice, for all 'isms, for I am.
thou shalth not kill, thou shalth slay, devour.

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