Saturday, January 14, 2006


11-27-2005 10:57 AM
for all the wrong reasons i present my cause,
for the one reason , i shall omit
in more ways than one, a one may fit
a room that is well lit
actually there is no reality, life and death have nothing to do with morality,
it is a cause we make, against all that is fake,
and the thing we hold most dear,
passes from year to year,
untouched. unblessed,
unblemished by us.
for it is not so thus
it is not the dark that haunts us, it is we that haunt the night,
we create our own, and own it we shall,
for it is we who suffer in a room when well lit,
and may one day the light shatter, and in blessed darkness our souls stay hid.

ps.: this one was turned into a song, excessively morbid, and still working on it, adding it to my repertoire

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