Monday, January 16, 2006

Too soon

Amidst placid pleasures
daunted men name "treasures"
pain gnaws at me
rain still wont touch me
neither utmost nor upmost
hither lingers fading outpost
mischief and rowdy behaviour
kerchief of the sullen saviour
turn about
find a fresh mount...


deity said...

hi there. you contributed to the joint poem of Sorrow X. and i think your piece as well as your site is excellent.

there's one thing that bothers me though. you're not so fond of spell check are you? opsss...not mean to offend you.

i think your poems are tremendously awesome, it's just that some spelling errors took away some glamour from the text.

peace brodah!


The Philosophical Strangler said...

Thank you very much for your opinion, spell checking? what's that???
will do what i can eventually