Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SUN KILL MOON "Joint poem"

Darkest hours , Darkest night
Deathly silence , Darkness height
Darkest is the dress of dreary
Dastardly killing in deadly fury

Darkest sun, Encompass all
Fiery cold, Moon must fall
Dimly lit sky, Buring brightly
Damning facade, Sinning slightly

Luna, my moon, so much I adore
Thou shall stay forevermore?
The sun that I thee abhor
So much hatred, useless metaphor

cradle not its fallen crest
under mornlight none shall rest
revealed to all, these acts of violence
sows unrest, the deadly silence

Mean Helios awaits
Turning of tide he baits
Up ashore the sea light
Moon weeps, Sun is blithe

take me to thy waves
sweep away this pain
as the sun gradually kills
the dark moon again

Funky Banana We worship You,
Funky Banana they Eat You,
Banana on a Stick without a clue,
Poisoned, Dark, Deathly, Funky Banana will KILL You

each stanza is by someone different, mine is in Italics,
joint poem is By (in no order)
TM Rynolds
her stanza is right on top of mine, power to Aries!
Marcus Tal

if i missed anyone, let me know!, sorry about the rearragment, i hate wasting space.


Sorrow X said...

yer be included in the dark circle =)

The Philosophical Strangler said...

ah, the web of dispair links anew!