Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Important for a minute ...or so.

Death begets life, and life begets death, why do we fear either, why can't we see it

i can only blame my self, i should only blame my self, only i could be blamed, only i can carry this weight that i have so masterfully crafted to suite and fit and lodge precisely over my own two shoulders, mine and mine alone, how could i ever consider my self anything but a failure, how could i see anything other than the "could have been", or hang it over the "should" have been , sound indigent about it, firmly and resolutely defending a crumbling wall , all what remains of something i cannot recall anymore, only a dim memory of a beauty my conscious mind is aware that it could have never existed, should have never existed, making others believe in visions i cannot see anymore , i cannot hear anymore, i cannot even dream of anymore, do i lie? no, i just describe each moment exactly how i see it, with every nuance and detail in infinite descriptive behavior , pretty boring and should be outlawed if you ask me ....but apparently the only thing I'm good at, not that I'm personally convinced, they call me a visionary , they hail my analytical prophesying , and all i see is the idiocy of the others , and my personal self made fallacies , the only thing i actually accept and understand is that i know nothing ...and it drives me insane to see others claim knowledge, enough ranting, time to get back to work.

extract from an anonymous diary by some grave digger who was important for a minute ...or so.

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