Wednesday, July 23, 2008

yet never blunt ...

am the eye that cannot see
the abomination that cannot be,
the face that no one will see,
the sword that is tarnished , drawn, nicked and battered, yet never blunt ..
they say I roam the darkness, and the fallen ones, I will hunt,
they are right, that is me,
move away, towards the light, I beg of thee,
if you stay in this dreadful place, for company you will only have me,
too long and you will begin to change,
your facial muscles will rearrange,
a unique mask to mimic me,
an iron mask just like me,
then your precious blood will be spilt,
your name forgotten,
your bones be trodden,
by one an only,
now bloody hell ... flee.

written 23 Jul 2008
artwork 11 Aug 2008

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