Tuesday, May 05, 2009

and a child shall lead them ...

something about a baby's smile just puts things into perspective for me, the way they look at the world with that unfocused gaze, and suddenly smile, just drives home the point for me,
it's not about the now, the now is too much of a mess to really do anything with it but move on,
and if the now is so transient, then the past entirely looses significance, and much of it's weight,
the past also becomes the womb of which we had just left behind, still a little too close for close examination,
the future is what remains,
ah yes,
the future,
as vague as it might be, only babies seem to see it with those unfocused eyes, and what they see makes them smile, and that is a hopeful sign,
if it makes a baby smile, it just can't be bad,
and if the present is this transient, and the past too close, well ...
it only leaves the future open,
maybe with a little less focus on our worries, insecurities, and fears,
maybe we too can smile.

thank you, Maryam Akram Ghalib Bikzadeh (my long time accomplice's little girl and my God Daughter :D )
even if you might not know it, you have made my day with that smile, i hope that one day, you might teach us things, and thingies ... and thingie thing thingies ...

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