Friday, May 01, 2009

Uncomfortable at start

I am a fortress,
black, solid, unbroken basalt,
cloaked in shrouds of gray,
foreboding, menacing,
encroaching, solemn and threatening,
I am a testament,
to those who built me,
caused me, shaped me,
and built me to stay,
to the years that had been my refinement,
not merely my past,
Those who dwell inside me,
by force, by habit, or for mere safety,
must calculate, must wait, and never sway,
must not only hold my walls,
but also believe in them, mend them,
and shore them,
must walk my labyrinthine paths,
must guard my gates,
and at the ready array,
must keep the vigil, watch the fields,
and hold no lie,

only then, might the inner hearth be revealed,
a warm fire will be lit,
you will find a chair that would fit,
and in there you would reside,
ultimately hide,
and in you this mighty fortress would confide.

28th April 2009

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