Thursday, January 14, 2010

and the truth shall set you free

Through glazed eyes i can see,
the daemon that is inside of me,
the blazing evil about to break free,
to hunt them down for all eternity,

as i look in the mirror, to what was once me,
should i stand aside, as i watch me destroy thee?
my soul is mine, how much more will i pay to be free,
keep your enemies closer, to this i agree,

i am only what you make of me,
to you i'm only the reflection that you see,
to the mirror, that i told you is me,
i might be anything i will it to be,

i'll pore out my honor, regretfully,
i'll grab on with both hands to that which hurt me,
i'll let it burn through me, till you all see,
to slay the beast, a beast you must be.

Thursday 14th Jan 2010 1:10 am

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Hanna said...

new stuff please.