Friday, June 25, 2010

an open letter from one idiot to other idiots

be warned,
you will probably not enjoy this

ot only am i angry,
I'm seething with rage i dare not allow to show, if i do, there would be no one left to receive this note, I'm disappointed, grieved, discontent, and have a ton of salt in my wounds,
thanks to you, each one of you, i realize just how truly human i really am,
and i thought i was the beast,
you’re all raving snarling maniacs, all stark bloody mad!
through your reflections on me i have seen my true self,
and by GOD! i am far more beautiful and honorable than your wildest wet dream,
your idiocy, hypocrisy, and blind hunger, have shown me everything i don’t have in common with you, maybe I'm just too Nobel for the likes of you, instead of squashing you under my booted foot, i try not to disturb you, i give you the Chance to evolve from single cell beings to semi-human state, i wash you, i nourish you, i care for you, and all i ever get in turn is clingy slimy greed, the only reason i don’t burn you all out of my presence is that termination is not my right, too high a value system for you to even comprehend, all you know is crass and coarse, and I'm cursed with compassion for you, you primordial life form, you infect me, you bite me, you feed on me, and yet i just do not see my right to destroy you, it would be too easy, too easy that there would be no contest, beyond sinful if i did, if i loose at you, you would bloody disintegrate! it wouldn’t be a fair fight.
not that you would ever understand,
nor would i ever become a lesser man,
only to satisfy a primal urge to tear you to pieces,
yes, I'm different, and i will pay the price,

ps. i really wish tattoos were not religiously wrong for me, ...
accompanying background music : Pity the Sadness - Paradise lost - shades of god

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