Saturday, February 18, 2006

Note to Self (Haunted you are)

18/2/2006 8:54 a.m.

is it not obvious, not in the least way dubious
the the harder you ponder, the more you wonder
at it's base, you just see that remebered face
accept it for what it is,
either hold on the the memory of bliss
or kowtow to fatefull miss
no need for extrapolation, nor any form of agitation
it's as simple as that, you are responsible for where you'r at
blind my eyes, shut my iner voice, dampen my instincts
help my find my peace, hope for redemption
anger against all forms of intervention
or maybe not, it's surreal, abstract, hopless
dead blossoms, withered leaves, broken horns, boneless
non might return, whether you hope for it or not
niether anguish nor sorrow may put you back on track
maybe just maybe ... life, there must be life
instead of death, continue the process
plant another seed, hope on it again
ensrinement might be all your gain ..
man on the hill
without the will
to fall, that I am ..

background music "another day at the Office pt.III Kevin Hiatt"


HasH said...

As i stated before.. this BLOG is very good as a "BLOG". Everyone is sayin gits so good cause they are comparing it to other blogs :)
So enjoy ur EGO :P


The Philosophical Strangler said...

You Are talking to my EGO!