Saturday, February 18, 2006

somethings are always the same...

My Dearest Most precious One,
good morning world, morning to all
it's a bliss we share, that one a morning like this we may decide that nothing is worth ruining our morning..
the past is revisited, tourist like, only to the chosen parts of the ruined realm, focus only on things of beauty and wonder, quickly pass by all the parts where sorrow still has a hold,
indulge yourself in good memories , remember only the good things,
retouch the dream that you once had here, relive it for a second,
and be assured that not only you would wonder how could such beauty ever go wrong,
do you realize that just by doing this, re finding that hidden beauty,
do you prove that whatever went wrong with it was not of it's nature,
as it still stands right where you left it, glorious and wonderful as you remember it,
it was you who allowed sorrow doubt and anger to lead you astray,
you forgot that beauty would not ever lead, it would only remain beheld in your gaze, it's only a spot in the middle of all turmoil,
a static place.
in my humble opinion Beauty is a gift from God to us, he in his glory gives us places of rest, right there in the middle of our path, but it's up to us to do something with it, to adore it, to appreciate it, to camp around it, even to ruin it.
it's up to us.
as usual.


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