Friday, April 07, 2006

BeME ...

7nth Apr. 2006
Rage and anger are not overly good things,
only malformed blazing and intense offerings,
so they tell me,
i hope to be indestructible, uninfluencable,
bigoted and opinionated, in one word unreachable,
only let it be,
closed shut, as i watch them rut,
agony and ecstasy, in forms all but,
recognizable by me,
ramification, validation, and uber justification,
too much detail would entail clear personification,
and what would that be,
great words and small deeds, so little that no one heeds,
the application of information, as irrevocable as someone's needs,
what they dare ask of me,
change your skin, as your apparent next of kin,
snakes and dragons, and their unforgivable sin,
only to be.

in tribute to a friend, "you just had to bring it up, didn't ya!"


YouSy said...

Hey there
thanks alot for passing by my Blog and leavin your sweet comments there :)
welcome to my blog
i really love your work too..ur very talented :)

Barb said...

hi. totally random reader, found your blog yesterday. dig it. seriously.

The Philosophical Strangler said...

*bowing gracefully*
Thank you Yousy, am glad you liked my work, i truely did enjoy yours :)

Barb : Glad you did "dig it"