Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a tribute to her... tewlve different faces


her blazing eyes of green fire, her odd scar, all her energy spent running away from me, when i would tire and sit down, she would come laughing at me, only to topple her into my arms, she would smile at me, and taunt me in French, so that i would not understand, and we would both grin mischievously, sure that we both understood, under moon light in a blue pool.
her golden hair, her grass green eyes, always laughing ,believing , asking me to always keep my chin up, never be daunted by anything, she always smelled of home, earth warm , kissed by the sun, hugs and kisses were the order of every day, deep roots tracing lines into the past as we would snuggle and gaze at the sky, and i would wonder how could she bare it all.
her emerald jeweled eyes, her dark black eyebrows, and long curly hair that always caught the wind, chatting, sharing, dreaming, "i wish you would kiss me now" she would say, and i would laugh and tease, the company was treasured, the laughs and the joy of pleasure, she would paint the sky with fuzzy dreams, always in a circle around her self as I leaned on the rim of the ring and laughed with her.
Her darkend complection, her odd accent, her soft dreamy obsidian eyes, her long dark hair, we would walk around talking and talking for hours a time, and always feel that gap between us, we both accepted that we would not accept, guarded laughs and unbridgable divides, yet we both didn't want to admit, that we had to say "good luck", why did she cry.
her marble skin tinged with rose, her long jet black hair taking whatever form she bids it,
"be what you want to be" i would say, only to be what she could only be, her firm breasts she would use to tease, her urges would always take her far, and come back to me asking for guidance, showing off her latest hunt, as i showed her mine, none given and none taken.
Her ebony skin, her short brown hair, her earthen fragrance
her shining maroon eyes smiling, while she rested her head on my bare chest,
listening to my heartbeat with one soft ear, smiling with her eyes, turning her head around to listen with the other ear, till this day i wonder what she was looking for.
her sweet dimpled smile, her endearing consent, her shocked expression as reality shone, she would pretend to listen and listen waiting for me to finish, she would always smile to me, and then try to ever so sweetly guide me, would take all my lashing without a complaint, i would question not her logic, only her goals, it was always on separate paths.
her light lush skin, her curly black hair, her musky sensual smell, and all her secrets
her sounds of pleasure as she gave her self to me, her legs entwined behind my back,
toes stroking my legs, as her small body arches into me, nails clawing into my bare back,
as we we both share the violent pleasures, deep dark velvet. as she whispered "don't ever leave me"
her questing hazel eyes touched with gold, her light auburn hair,
her sure movement, and engaging smile, laughter and freshness, she liked to lead
as i always felt i was missing out on something, "sorry, i wasn't paying attention, could you do that again?" and she would laugh and kiss me again.
Her long hair of changing color, her golden eyes, sure attitude, strength of logic, and unresolved predicament, confident to find the sure way out, holding hands, countless nights through a thin wire, hoping for her delayed dreams to fruit in good time, she wanted reassurance, i could give her none, only as far as she could go.
her crazy laughs, and smiling unseeing blue eyes, her windmill of bubbling laughter thoughts dreams and haze, she would never make sense to me, and she would always feel guilty, laugh and whirl about again, singing a broken tune as she blew by, i could only shake my head and laugh at my self, "who could figure you out", she would laugh and say "someone who could"
her wide soft eyes, her black messy soft hair, her sent of watery bloom, her swirling spirit never could rest, as she would face me sitting on my lap, and i would sing to her on the floor, she would rest in my arms and i would know i would always want to keep her there,
we would laugh together, and she would not believe the magic, and i would know that this joy would never endure, too much left unsaid, as she would take and lose all my gifts.

Note : the photo used in the design above is the work of Mariam Mohsen, a Young talent in the growing.


The Philosophical Strangler said...

to any one who is about to get upset, defensive or irritated, Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I think its only fair to say that you are brave enf. to publish something personal such as that.. still its also fair to say how really good it is.. Maybe not to a person who cant handel some bare truth.

Mariam said...

How did you get it so right ? I haven't met all of the 12 personally, but the ones i did, i really matches them.

Sorrow X said...

actually...i'm not that into horroscopes =)

The Philosophical Strangler said...

to Mariam : lets just say that i was enspired!
and turely am not sure if i DID get it right , there are a lot of books on the topic you know, and a lot of them would contradict me.

to X : naah .. you don't say! :)
to anonymous : thank you, glad you like it.