Saturday, April 22, 2006

Deconstruct Self

mibigous statment,

awaiting refinement,
active engagemnt,
orthodox relient.

the Designs/Artwork were all originally Photographs! taken by me from a moveing car on my birthday, crusing around Cairo, at about 3:00 A.M.

yesterday i met a thinker, chatted for a while, and then, well i got hairy inside. the Young Hath Much Usage!.


AZ said...

gosh!!!!!!! nice aliens kidnaped u.... never comeback from this planet... STAYY THERE AND KEEP POSTING...

The Philosophical Strangler said...

ooh.... my head hurts :(

greetings earthling, posting shall commence, stand by for recption.

AZ said...

almolazem 7abrook mn alka3ida yonadi hal tasma3oni??? 7awwel

The Philosophical Strangler said...

for you illiterate souls who don't understand arabic, well at least this form of it, tough luck :P
as for the rest of the civilised world, well tough luck too :P

AZ said...

unpayed propaganda :D
thankie monch