Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dream of Rain?

27nth Mar 2006

walking home looking down to where i was stepping, thinking about the unlikliness of where i was heading, wandering, roameing, i was emmersed in my self when i felt a tap on my head, I looked upward to the sky, and I asked for a kiss, and three pure shy drops gently lined my lips, another two drops coursed the path of my recent tears, oddly soothing
I smiled in bewilderment at her, "How long have you been there?" I asked
in answer stronger drops smothered my face and softly touched my lips, warmth.
I laughed in joy, I pulled off my sweater , in eagerness she stroked my bare arms, traced cheekbone jawline and kissed my neck, she cooled my fires ever so gently without ever touching them, unbelievably and unexpectedly I found my innermost heart open to her, carressing the thin fabric over my heart, she eased my pain, "and yet they say that she only is the rain" , as the thought struck me, lightning traced a smile in the air above me, laughter took me, wonder for the things around me, she gave without being asked.

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