Friday, May 19, 2006

We The Fireborn

we light the world,
and say the word,
we lead the horde,
and at the end of it all,
fade off to to another world.
You have forced us ,
torched us,
gathered around us,
hailed us as kings and queens,
and in answer you took the gift of our dreams,
that of which we repent, resent,
we the fire born
we blow the horn,
what we left behind us,is sadly torn,
for that we eternally morn.
A fearsome existence,
the one true master, truly so fragile,
changing color of burning substance,
always misunderstood in abundance,
carried off with caution,
caged and with precaution,
you fear us, but yet you use us,
abuse us.
Eternally at war, the curse of my kindred,
you call us warriors, harbingers of light and shadow,
you bring us offerings, many things,
that we consume, with nothing left to resume,
no turning back, we give no quarter,
there is none left to get back to,
you want the warmth but not the burnt,
how could light not cause shadow?
cast by you.
You marvel at our Armor, battle horns, slanted bows, and regal paws,
our fortresses and keeps, our strategies, movement and forget that we weep,
for each of our numerous keeps, is a past battle ground,
where loved ones were wounded, fell off, or drowned,
we remember, and reflect, through our colorful flames, detect,
Trial by fire, aye!
falseness not withstanding,
those untrue never understanding,
how could we always burn anew,
for my dear, my Fuel is but you.

dedicated to Every Aries, Loe, and Sagittarius
we the fireborn!


MirrorCrax said...

i love this one mohanad, its got a lot of music into it and a lot of sense i believe you're progressing a lot in your writing and the coherence of ideas is quite interesting, have you noticed you're using the pronoun "we" now quite frequently, i believe this must be a good sign

The Philosophical Strangler said...

We thank you!
We needs it
We wants it

Anonymous said...

Think this might compliment what you wrote. See old ideas become new....