Saturday, May 20, 2006

Young One

Young one!
do you believe in shadows and dreams ?
do you believe in things of light ,
of which naught are more then what it seems ?
have you learned to cast your shadow?
and with it line the path that deems?
this I ask.

Bold One!
do you dance to the twighlight ?
do you morn the sun?
do you look at them in wonder ?
trepdition and solemn despair?
I thought you seeked wisdom ?
I thought you discerned the night?

Fallen one ?
more truth to what ever is there?
what know you of fickle nightmares, and insistent dreams?
nothing in essence or nothing of value?
why is it that it is essence that you highlight ?
doth not your soul in midnight, soar?
doth not your anger eternally, roar?

oh Young One.

sketch uploded on the 1st of feb 2007, sketch by Mohannad Faried (M.O.F.)


Maxxed`ouT said...

Love your blog .
You got yourself a fan .
Allow me to link you . Cheers .

The Philosophical Strangler said...

thank you so much for your seeming kindness :) , will be checking your blog very soon.

deity said...

I should be the

Hurt One

I enjoy the pain of living
I dance in the the struggle of breathing
I scream in the twist of dreaming

nice poem you got here. truly, you are blest.

The Philosophical Strangler said...

long time no see,
gald you liked this,
love your verse,
blest! you say,cursed is more like it

The Great Pretender said...

donno why i smell LoTR in each word you write !!
very interesting:)