Tuesday, October 10, 2006


fter a long perioud of silence, it's very hard to crack the shell that was expertly woven around you, hard to express things again, memeories of faded toughts, and loose ends just hang there infront of you, gathering up the pieces and carrying on? ... feels much easier to just sit and wait, only problem that it is illogical and self destructive .. , why isn't there a reset button? , think four months should be enough for a reboot to finish? , apearently not .. yet?
every time i touch my guitar i can almost ... almost ...
and why the heck am i getting emotional to the brink of tears watching cartoons, or mobineil ads? ... not yet!

I Learned that i can cry
I've earned the right to try
and I hope i can deny
that i pray for another day

I live my life on the brink of a storm
and i pray for another day
I put my life on the Brink of that storm
and wish for another way
end chorues

1 comment:

AZ said...

patience my friend... patience... everything ends.. now or after years... but it ends