Tuesday, August 15, 2006


15th August 2006

Argumentive disruptions and automated replies dominate our unsponsored lives,
he who lives the most or hurts the most , to otheres he simply denies,
to have once been there, to have held it up,
to have never been bidden, cliams to never grow up,
too many sides to each facet, off with the widnows,
make it free for all and follow where the wind blows,
the smallest corner is that that creates the swirls,
while torn apart internally, your concoiunse exeedingly twirls.
love, loyalty, honor and trust,
all fictional,
all redundant,
just give out what you can, when you can, and one day, well ... simply you will run out.


AZ said...

true things never run out

BaTaBeeT said...

right.. all fictional
sometimes u can give things however u wont trust others u give.. or even u wont trust urself givin' em..
well.. nice blog

Maxxed`ouT said...

They probably don't run out , true .
Maybe they just run away ?

The Philosophical Strangler said...

recursive, see recursive.

there is not much point is there ..
coffee beans are best served crushed and mutilated.

AZ said...

coffee is coffee... other things are what they are and they r definatly NOT coffee
maxed out... i dont think they run away... maybe its us who just ignore them