Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on Contrast

Nature is a colloquial term we use to describe the original state of things as they are found in their original default settings/surroundings,
In our current version of the world, we live in a constant state of alteration of our settings, and since sexuality has always been a prime attraction for human beings, hence now we are tinkering with those settings sometimes without really knowing what we are fooling with, for the single reason of dealing with our insecurities or inadequacies be they true or perceived, the same way we fool around with our mp3 player or a program's settings, you try something different and if you don't like it, there is an undo button somewhere,
in Nature there is no undo button, or at least it does not work the way you think it might,
tread lightly my friend.

1 comment:

Aesa said...

the undo button definately does not work the way one would think it does.