Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19th 2007
I once could make the steel sing, now my fingers would bleed,
i could build castles in the air , plant the expanse with multitudes of green , now only bare sand and rock could be seen, and some rubble in the sheen.
i could stand in the freezing wind naked and warm and sing to the wind, now my heart would yearn for warmth in the sun,
i could hold and contend with a hundred foes , now one friend would be the worst of my fears,
i would storm the walls of the mightiest keep, plant my standard high, now i wonder if i could lay down a trench and die,
once i could see one path so sharp and clear , now i can see a thousand steps ahead sprouting like clusters of weed, none sharp and non clear.
i could touch and taste, feel and express, now i sit, watch and hope that i don't remember,
i could hold and love, believe in my own dreams, now i can only let go,
a heart once warm and full, turned now to shiny stone .. has become an example that i would use,
i still sing
i do bleed
i will watch, touch and feel
i still dream
i do need
i will love, hate and scream
it's just that now it hardly seems that it's me.


Aesa said...

I absolutely love this. Its beautiful.

AZ said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh allebt 3alaia el mawage3 yabu samia :D