Friday, January 04, 2008

in responce to the grave digger's first letter

So why am I upset ?

Why am I twisting my self into knots, bending over backwards, and managing to keep blaming my self, soul and entire existence for something I cannot logically be held accountable for ?

And why do you even ask me ?

It's not as if you give a rat's ass what happens to me, my psyche or my emotional balance ?

Dear, you see me as a whore, and sometimes you see me as your mother, more often than not you see me unreachable, impenetrable glazed solid rock,

and you treat me as such ...

So why am I upset ?

Oh I'll take any blame you throw at my feet, gobble it up and lick my lips in most whorish way I can make up just for you, I'll even let you look at me in mesmerized disgust for as long as you want, and when you ask me to do it again,

I will, just to entertain you ...

I'll let you see me in the most malignant light your sick imagination can cast on me, as long as you feel better and happier, hey ... it's your kick , your mind, your soul that's going to burn in the deepest shithole in the deepest level of whatever hell there is,

So why am I upset ?

it's because I am a whore, I am your mother and I love you.

The grave digger's mother.


Anonymous said...

Weirdest thing ive read.
Cant wrap my head around it.

MirrorCrax said...

OOOOOOk you're a Grave Digger's Mother .... that explains a lot

Mohannad Faried said...

Akram : why do i get to be the mother , while you get to be superman ? it's always been so bloody unfair ... it's fiction, and the second part of the thing for God's sake ...
Maryam : emm .. weirdest thing ? you've read? shouldn't than be among that biggest rational fallacies in 2008 dear ?