Sunday, March 06, 2011

after looking at #amndawla for about 3 hours

If i'm a criminal and have an entire populace running after my ass, I'll throw them a ton of crap, and let them find some solid info in it to give credibility to the rest of the crap that i threw,
make sure it's juicy/scandalous enough to stall them long enough for me to
change my appearance,
then pretend i can help them with figuring the stuff out, ...
i can play this game for ages,
and I'll work on their vices, slowly separate them all over again, and one by one i will take them down, make them bite each other for me, till I'm in a better position to use half of them against the other half, ...

the above is just a simple thought, and I'm no mastermind of crime,

what do you think State Sec (Amn El Dawla) came up with ?


for the love of God, Think!they are betting on your fears/horrors/vices and only if you let them, they will win,one simple question,what real profit will you gain by such information like all the crap that is being thrown in our faces, found in these papers found in StateSec?as in real use?don't tell me that now you know that some people are bastards, because we all already KNEW that they were, or at least suspected that there was something fishy about them,guys,

it's Bait,
ask any honest advertiser how he crafts a campaign to sell an idea,

if i manage to convince you,

spread this.

i know i should have wrote this in Arabic, i'm sorry, i'm not that good,
and i'm sorry for editing and reediting this too many times, i'm writing too fast...

note: the above pic is ONLY to illustrate, not to prove a point, nothing about this specific document ya3ni :/

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