Sunday, June 04, 2006


May 26th 2006

the silence and what it brings,
never more sinful that what it sings,
of a heart
of soul which is silent
of hunger of lust
of hearts that wander
where only your breath is heard
and to you no eyes are turned
in absence and recognition
our lives pummel under
greave for me...
no matter how true it rings,
nor how hard reality later stings,
will be treasured, and never measured,
revered by all that is me
re-lived by passions which roam free

by Mohannad Faried & Mariam Mohsen

Notice ::
NO connextion to the "S.E.P. Field"
as descibed in Hichiker's Guide to the Galaxy ,
or maybe i'm just saying that!!! ;)


salah said...

Simply Everyone’s Pumpkin
interesting blog

Mariam Mohsen said...

lol we gotta finish that.
check out my journal. updated.

Hanna said...

this is a really beautiful collaboration and there should be more of it