Sunday, July 09, 2006

Morning, amongst other things.......

All of us are aquainted with Murphy, correct? is this Mic. working???

Think Communications & Product Development - Senior Designer - starting July 1st 2006


AZ said...

finally... tiger eyes back to circus

nuriennium said...

mabrook 3ala elposition elgedeed :)
ana awel marra azorak bs 3agabni keteer men 7agatak w elgraphix beta3tak a7la keteer men kalamak ;)
i'm happy to meet an architect - like me - who thinks architecture sucks.
take care ..
salute the fireborn :)

The Philosophical Strangler said...

to nuriennium
i'm glad you like my work, or that's what i think you wrote, caffene level in the morning is so determinate :)
in all events i'm wondering where on my blog did you read anything to indicate that i think that"Architecture sucks"? .. no clue where you got that impression from ? o.O

to AZ lol they weren't much you know :) propably only makeup for the show :P